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Kid's Outdoor Playset with Retractable Canopy and Sand Box

Bring the Beach Home with Aivituvin Kids Sand Boxes - Enjoy Hours of Fun with Retractable Canopy and Foldable Bench Seats!

- Durable Construction: The sandboxes are made of high-quality wood that is durable and long-lasting. The wood is also treated to withstand the elements, ensuring that the sandboxes can be used year-round.
- Easy to Assemble: The Aivituvin Kids Sand Boxes are easy to assemble, with clear instructions provided. This means that parents can have the sandboxes set up and ready for their children to play in no time.

The Aivituvin Kids Sand Boxes with Canopy is the perfect outdoor playset for children. With its foldable bench seats, kids can comfortably sit and play in the sandbox. The sandbox also comes with a retractable roof, which provides shade and protection from the sun. Measuring at 47x47Inch, the sandbox is spacious enough for multiple children to play at once. The sandbox also comes with a cover, which keeps the sand clean and dry when not in use. Made from high-quality wooden materials, the Aivituvin Kids Sand Boxes with Canopy is durable and built to last.